Whitehawk Worldwide Security

"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security." Jodi Rell

Effectively dealing with these concerns has grown beyond the capacity of most budget-constrained fire and security service providers. As a result, many organizations have turned to costly proprietary fire and security systems, only to see these systems struggle due to inexperienced personnel, incompatible equipment and insufficient training. Striving to meet the resulting need is of a growing concern to many institutions and companies.

Whitehawk Worldwide’s client’s mission can be accomplished by balancing the multiple services of Whitehawk Worldwide with the expected outcome by promoting organized service delivery and standardization through the identification of a one enterprise-wide fire, emergency medical and security company as a partnership with our client.

Today, there is only one security and fire company that can provide a full spectrum of services with a single face to the client: Whitehawk Worldwide, as a diverse and experienced asset to any organization, is not just a vendor , but also a close partner committed to enhancing the safety, security and success of our clients on a global scale. Unlike other companies that offer individual services, Whitehawk Worldwide offers “Fire and Security Solutions.” We do this by creating well-considered, well-implemented, full service environments so that our clients can concentrate on their core business. Partnerships develop in which we not only fulfill defined goals, but also anticipate and proactively identify and address our client’s future needs.

Establishing such environments, of course, is no small undertaking – especially in a world filled with multi-faceted security and fire problems. Whitehawk Worldwide, offers such comprehensive solutions because we have confidence in both our employees and management staff, Our vision is to continue to grow as the preferred provider of world-class, total package, fire, and security solutions into the next Century.

We recognize that our client’s primary objective is the provision of both security and/or fire services. While Whitehawk Worldwide’s core competency is in providing these services, we believe it important to also highlight our total solutions capabilities in order to demonstrate the total value that Whitehawk Worldwide will bring to organization.
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